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Why should I service my car at The Motor Guru?

Here at TMG service Centre we strive to reach customer satisfaction, we try to give each and every customer the customized personal service he or she deserves.

Quality Parts

We use only top quality replacement parts and do not compromise Quality for anything. All our work and parts fitted is Guaranteed for a Impressive 30 000km or 12 Months.

Extra Mile

We attend to all your instructions accordingly, and always go the extra distance for our customers.

Building Relationships

We build a relationship with you and your car, making sure you have a safe and reliable vehicle at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

This is set up to give you the customer a bit more information. It helps the customer that is not so mechanically clued up to understand their Vehicle and Engine better.

When must I service my car?

Your vehicle’s service intervals is subject to Manufacturer’s Specifications. It is Normally every 15 000km or 12 Months whichever comes first. Its always important to stick to these guidelines to keep your engine healthy an reliable, also saving you costly repairs due to poor servicing if not followed.

Why is it necessary to service my car every 12 Months?

Your vehicle is exposed to the elements throughout the year, from very cold temperatures, to very hot conditions. Condensation does also happen inside your engine, though very little it is present and therefore affects the viscosity and all the functions of your Engine oil. Also important to keep in mind is that everything has a “Lifespan”, this is also relevant to your engine Service components and Engine oil. In short this means that after one year even if your car only drove 3000km in the past year still needs a check up, and renewing of the general Service components. Its Good practice to keep to the 12Month/15 000km Service interval to keep your car in a healthy an reliable state.

What if I skipped a service, or my car is overdue for a service ?

This happens a lot and I see it more often than I would like, However it is part of life, and unforeseen circumstances does sometimes force us to postpone a service or even skip a service on our vehicles. This however causes the Engine oil to sludge up inside your Engine, and can also cause a residue build up inside your engine on all the internal parts. We suggest an Engine flush where we use a special mixture of fluids (TheMotorGuru Secret) to flush and clean your engine internally at a cost of R250.00. This gets rid of all the old and sludgy oil as well as cleaning all the internal parts. This engine flush is very popular an a general good practice at service times.